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Why do we work the way we do? Is it possible to love any job no matter where we work?

Hi, I’m Monica H. Kang, creative workplace expert and the Founder of InnovatorsBox. I’m on the mission to uncover how we can thrive at work—no matter our industry, title, or age. Join me as I interview friends in different fields about how and why they love what they do. Join us and get curious!

Jul 22, 2021

Diversity and inclusion jobs have been on the rise as the world seeks a more inclusive workplace for all. But what do you do in this career? How do you become good at it? From understanding differences in diversity to being more inclusive to learning how to build psychological safety, we untangle all your questions about D&I and workplace belonging jobs in this episode. Thank you, Ashley T. Brundage and Abadesi Osunsade for sharing your stories. Learn more at Join our newsletter from InnovatorsBox here.