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Why do we work the way we do? Is it possible to love any job no matter where we work?

Hi, I’m Monica H. Kang, creative workplace expert and the Founder of InnovatorsBox. I’m on the mission to uncover how we can thrive at work—no matter our industry, title, or age. Join me as I interview friends in different fields about how and why they love what they do. Join us and get curious!

Jul 8, 2021

What is therapy and what does it mean to be a therapist? - from the rise of mental wellbeing awareness to society’s misconceptions of therapy. In this episode, I speak with Jeanie Chang and Ivy Kwong to share their journey of becoming therapists and why other leaders like Tiffany Gray and Minji Chang advocate for therapy. There will also be some great tips for your mind and body, aka free therapy and wellbeing tips! Learn more at Join our newsletter from InnovatorsBox here.